Patio Enclosures: Bringing the Outside Inside

When it comes to their patios most homeowners elect to have a patio cover installed over either a portion of or the whole of their patio. This is done in order to create a dedicated space in which to gather for a number of different purposes. What many homeowners often overlook is that patio enclosures not only give homeowners a dedicated space in which to gather outside but essentially allow them to bring their home into their backyard. While homeowners with patio covers will be able to enjoy their backyard and a few small indoor amenities outside, the vast majority of these homeowners will be unable to take advantage of eating, relaxing, and gathering outside year-round. In sharp contrast those homeowners who have patio enclosures installed are essentially creating an outdoor room and one that can be used year-round. With an enclosure encompassing a patio homeowners can barbecue, watch television, relax in a Jacuzzi, enjoy a swimming pool without direct sunlight, and even nap while it’s raining.

With regards to the different types of patio enclosures available there are many. Fortunately the vast majority are extremely versatile and easy to maintain. Patio enclosures come in a wide variety of different styles, designs, brands, and of course building materials. While traditional patio enclosures tend to be constructed from either metal or wood, homeowners now have the ability to select patio enclosures that are built using vinyl and/or combination of any of the aforementioned materials. Vinyl patio enclosures reinforced by metal are not uncommon nor are those that combine both wood and metal creating an upscale look and feel. The types of building materials a homeowner selects for their patio enclosure will largely be determined by their budget, their own personal tastes, and the level of attention they intend to give their patio enclosure once it’s been installed. Those enclosures made of wood and metal tend to require much more care than those made of vinyl do. Careful consideration should be given to patio enclosure construction materials before one is ever purchased.

Perhaps the most popular reason for having a patio enclosure installed is climate control. Not only do homeowners want their patio protected from things like rain, falling debris, and of course direct sunlight but having an enclosure installed also allows them to better control the climate within that specific area. Some homeowners go to great lengths to ensure that their protected patio area contains heat lamps, misters, and even ceiling fans to maximize their comfort and enjoyment of the area. In having these additional items installed alongside or just after their enclosure is installed they make their patio usable and more comfortable year-round.

Finally with regards to why exactly homeowners elect to have a patio enclosure installed we turn our attention back towards the desire to have indoor amenities outside. There’s something magical and quite enjoyable about enjoying indoor activities outside. For some homeowners a patio enclosure is a relatively simple way to create a space in which to relax and perhaps read a book. For others however a patio enclosure allows them or give them an opportunity to create a complete outdoor room. This might be an outdoor living room, a kitchen, an outdoor bedroom, or even a barbecue pit. There are even those homeowners who have a complete wet bar installed underneath the patio enclosure accompanied by a swimming pool or spa. How elaborate a patio enclosure project becomes really boils down to how much a homeowners has or wants to spend on such a project. Regardless what a homeowner intends to do with their new patio enclosure or with the area once installation is complete will vary from homeowner to homeowner though even the most modest of patio enclosures and following projects are of great benefit to both homeowners and their homes.